The ‘Frauennotruf Frankfurt’ offers support to women and girls who have been threatened, or affected, by sexual, physical and digital violence. Y&R Germany has supported this organisation for over 10 years with the aim of keeping this (unfortunately) much needed service in the public eye. During this time a number of provocative campaigns have been created.

This latest 10-part poster campaign takes the prejudices and allegations levelled against victims of rape, and amplifies them to show how absurd they are.

Each motif features one of the most common reactions affected women repeatedly have to face. However, they are used in response to ordinary, daily situations that everyone can relate to. This helps to clearly expose how unjust these claims are.

Frauennotruf Frankfurt Motiv 1
Frauennotruf Frankfurt Motiv 2
The banality of the situations causes a reflex in the viewer that prompts them to reassess these groundless accusations. This change in thinking directly benefits those affected by rape as they no longer need to fight such baseless accusations and can concentrate their energies on recovery. In an ideal world this behaviour change would lead to victims of rape not having to face such verbal attacks at all.

Andrea Bocian from ‘Frauennotruf Frankfurt’ makes it clear: “We have to actively inform and appeal to society over and over again. The issue of rape should no longer be a taboo and the women involved must cease to be held responsible”.  As of 2016, legal changes to sex offenses have been brought into force but they are not enough. The tightening of sexual criminal law does not mean that more incidents of rape are reported or disclosed.

Frauennotruf Frankfurt Jahresbericht
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